FapTurbo ICHIMOKU A Safe And More Profitable Variant To FAPT Robot!

FapTurbo ICHIMOKU is the latest new development made to the FAPTurbo robot by Steve Carletti and his team. Did you watch the video released a few weeks back by Loz Lawn where he showed how he applied the ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO indicator to the FAPTurbo trade alerts to make the trading decisions. This one tweak to the FAPTurbo EA increased the return by almost 1000% and resulted in a whopping profit of around $74K for Loz Lawn in just 1 month.

ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO is a very versatile indicator that gives the support/resistance, trend direction and the entry/exit signals. This indicator works very well on the longer term timeframes. It works decently in a range bound market. If the price action is above the cloud, you make a buy decision and if the price action is below the cloud, you make the sell decision.

So, what Loz did was use the FAP Turbo in the manual mode and confirm the trade manually when the buy trade alert given by FAPT was above the Kumo cloud and confirm the trade manually when the sell trade alert given by FAP Turbo was below the Kumo Cloud. The good thing is that you can now download the FapTurbo ICHIMOKU Robot from the members area that will automate this. Fapturbo Ichimoku is a powerful new version of the FAPTurbo Scalper EA.  Original FAPTurbo Robot had two modes:

1. Scalper-It traded short term and employed scalping as the core strategy. This was the most profitable mode. There was a little problem though. It used a wide stop loss of something like 70-110 pips.

2. Long Term-This mode traded long term with the trend.

This FapTurbo ICHIMOKU makes the scalper mode even more safe and profitable by reducing the stop loss to 20-40 pips making it even more safe and profitable. This new version works only on EURUSD M15, GBPUSD M15, EURCHF M15, GBPCHF M15, EURGBP M15 and USDCHF M15. Best pair is EURCHF M15. If you are interested in trying this new version of FAPTurbo, you will have to first become a FAP Turbo member.

This is what Steve Carletti FAPTurbo Team says: “3 Years in development… With the support and insight of thousands of active Fapturbo tradersall over the world and with feedback from some of the biggest brokerages including Fibogroup and IamFX…  We proudly present…

Fapturbo Ichimoku!

A brand New version of Fapturbo with unheard of profitability, all thanks to new indicator settings and completely overhauled code…With a 99% modeling quality on backtests, profitable LIVE performance, and much MUCH smaller Stop Loss settings…this is the absolute PINNACLE of robot development… by far our best work! For members, as usual, the update is FREE of charge it can be downloaded in the fapturbo members area.”

FAPTurbo Expert Guide

Rob Casey has traded with FAPTurbo Robot extensively getting returns like 200-300% in one month. He has written a FAP Turbo Expert Guide that will give you the best settings that you need to use on FAP Turbo EA in order to get the above returns plus it shows how to install FAP Turbo properly and the best brokers for FAP Turbo.