Forex Super Scalper Strategy Uses 3-7 Pips Stop Loss per Trade To Make 100+ Pips Daily!

Forex Super Scalper is a pure price action based strategy that does not need any complicated technical analysis or any complicated indicators. Forex Super Scalper Strategy uses a tight stop loss of 3-7 pips per trade to look for 10-15 pips profit. A  trade using this scalping strategy can continue for a few minutes. However unlike other scalping strategies that use 1 minute or the 5 minute timeframe to look for scalping trades, Forex Super Scalper Strategy uses the 1 hour timeframe.

This Forex Super Scalper Strategy has been developed by Karl Dittmann, a professional trader from Germany. Scalping is one of the popular strategies used by many professional traders. Many traders love scalping while many brokers hate scalping. So before you start scalping, you should check with your broker if scalping is allowed or not. Otherwise if you continue without checking with the broker, you will find one day your account balance frozen by the broker. So make sure that the broker that you are using is comfortable with scalping.

Most scalping strategies entail quick entry and exit in the market. Using some of these scalping strategies a trade can end before 60 seconds. Brokers hate this type of scalping strategies that does not last more than a few seconds. However this Forex Super Scalper Strategy trade can last a few minutes at least so you are safe with your broker.

There is nothing complicated in this Forex Super Scalping Strategy. Forex Super Scalper is a 100% mechanical forex strategy that is purely based on price action and does not need any indicator for confirmation. There is 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so if you want you can download this Forex Super Scalping Strategy and go through it. It is very simple and easy.

According to Karl Dittmann, the developer of this scalping strategy, the win rate of this strategy is around 75%. Practice this Forex Super Scalper Strategy on your demo account for at least one month. Make a record of each trade that you make using this strategy in a trading journal. It is always a good idea to thoroughly test a new strategy on the demo account first. Keeping a trading journal is something that you should develop as a habit. Enter each and every trade that you make in that trading journal. A trading journal will help you become a more disciplined trader.

So test this Forex Super Scalper Strategy for one month on the demo account. At the end of the month, do a thorough analysis of this strategy and see what was the win rate, how many pips you made during the month and how many pips you lost during the month. If the win rate is low and the pips lost is more than the pips made, you should return this Forex Super Scalper Strategy and get a refund.