Forex VSD System For Day Trading On M15 And H1 Timeframes!

Forex VSD System has been optimized for trading on M15 and H1 timeframes. Forex VSD System has been developed for day traders. Forex VSD System uses 8 custom indicators that are used to filter out bad trades. It is recommended to trade the USD crosses like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, NZD/USD etc. The developer of this system is giving a 100% guarantee that this system does not repaint. The 8 indicators help in finding very accurate entry and exit points. You will be able to customize these indicators according to your requirements using different colors and different alert settings. Below is the screenshot of the FX VSD System.

Forex VSD System

Now as the above screenshot shows, this system has got more than 90% accuracy which is something good.These are the 8 indicators that this system uses:

Main Chart
Moving Average
Moving Average

Indicator Window 1

Indicator Window 2

The VSD Buy/Sell Zone indicator is merged with MACD. Forex Vostro indicator is a powerful indicator that will tell you when to pull the trigger. It does not repaint. You will get all the instructions on how to trade with these indicator and take the buy/sell decision when you download the instructions manual guide. There is 60 days of money back guarantee.

If you get interested, download this system and test it on the demo account. Go through the manual guide, install the indicators and the template and make at least 30-50 trades on the demo account using this system. If you find this system to be cumbersome, simply get a refund. However, if you find that it is easy to trade with this system and the winrate is above 90% as is being claimed by the developer, you should further test it on the demo account.

As a rule of thumb, you should make at least 100 trades on the demo account with a new system. Once you have made these 100 trades, calculate the winrate of the system alongwith the average size of the win and the average size of the loss. If the above statistics are good and you are making more pips than you are losing, you can think of trading live with this system.