Hedge Fund Copier Software Gives You The Insider Edge!

Watch this shocking Hedge Fund Copier video by an insider. How much money you have lost in the forex market? Are you still losing money? This Hedge Fund Copier video by Bill Matthews reveals how the hedge funds and the big banks are always stealing money right from under your nose in the forex market and what can be the solution. You might be wondering who is this Bill Mathews? Bill Mathews is a 22+ years forex market insider who knows how the hedge funds and the big banks profit from small traders by tripping their stop losses and doing other nasty tricks that you have no idea or clue about. You need to watch this Hedge Fund Copier video by Bill Matthews just now! Don’t miss it!

Hedge Fund Copier Software Features

This software can be your one stop dashboard as a forex trader. For the first time, you will be having the insider knowledge about the forex market with this Hedge Fund Copier Software developed by Bill Matthews. He will be sending you updates and alerts as an insider on what is happening in the forex market and what is about happen soon. Let’s discuss what type of edge this software is going to provide you as a forex trader:

Smart Money Flow Direction: Do you have any clue where the smart money is flowing? Do you know this fact that smart traders and investors just follow the flow of smart money and do nothing else. Let me explain it this way! Suppose, suddenly you find the EURUSD pair moving 120 pips in 15 minutes. You scratch your head again and again and look at your charts and indicators but still no clue how did it happen. But now, you will know precisely before time, the direction in which the smart money will be flowing and how this is going to affect the different pairs.Smart money keeps on moving from one market to another. Knowing the direction in which the smart money flows is going to put you ahead of the crowd!

Trade Alerts and Market Notifications: You will be getting trade alerts and market notifications. These trade alerts can be on anyone of the timeframes like the 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly, 4 hourly or the daily charts. You decide which alert to trade and which alert to skip. You get live news feeds plus a trend monitor that will tell you about the current trend of a pair plus much more. There are many other features that makes this software a one stop dashboard for you that will make trading easier for you.

Stop Hunting Alerts: Stop hunting is going on without you knowing anything about it. Your stops are being tripped in inexplicable manner. You have no clue how this is happening. But with this Hedge Fund Copier Software, you will get an alert whenever some stop hunting activity is about to take place. You can take evasive action. So what this Hedge Fund Copier does is give you the insider knowledge that you had been missing till now!