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As a trader and investor you need to constantly educate yourself. The best way to educate yourself is to read articles written by trading experts in which they explain how they analyze and trade different markets. Top Shelf Trading Magazine is a monthly eMagazine for traders and investors. You can read this eMagazine free online.

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This eMagazine contains articles by expert traders on stocks, options, futures and forex markets. Reading these articles will give you the idea as to how the experts trade these markets. In recent years markets have changed a lot. More and more quantitative trading strategies are being used by traders, hedge funds and banks. Traditional technical analysis doesn’t work anymore. You need an edge. The edge can come from a simple tip by an expert. Reading these articles can provide you that tip that you have been searching for a long time.

There is an ah ha moment in trading that will transform you from an unsuccessful trader to a successful trader. The challenge is how to get that ah ha moment. That ah ha moment can only come when you keep watching how the top traders do their analysis of the market. Reading articles written by top traders can give you your ah ha moment.

For example in the article the Most Lucrative Options Trading Tool the Pros Use, Larry Gaines provides you with a free simple yet powerful options trading tool that can provide you with the winning edge that you have been missing in trading options. According to Larry Gaines this tool can significantly increase the probability of your winning trades. Options trading is not simple. Keep this in mind. Options trading is much more difficult as compared to simple stock investing. Reading this article will help you understand a simple yet powerful tool that is available free and you have been overlooking till now.

In the article Trading The Open Of The U.S Equities Market, Melissa Armo begins by arguing that stock market is just a random walk. Most of the time it is very difficult to predict the stock market and the events are just random. But Melissa thinks that there is a time that can be predicted with a fair degree of accuracy. This time is the US Equities Market Open. You see the US Equities Market closes at 4:00 PM EST daily and opens the next day at 8:00 PM EST next morning. Between the close and the open, you cannot trade. Maybe you can trade on an ECN but not on the regular stock exchange.

Have you ever noticed most of the time, companies release news about their earnings and other stuff after the market close. Stocks get upgraded and downgraded on the basis of this reports. These events can create great demand for buying or selling that stock. But since the market is closed, it can only be done the next morning after 8:00 PM EST. These events can cause big swings in the stock when the market opens next day. You should read this article in which Melissa explains how she trades such events.

In the article Supercharge Your Trading System, Roger Felton argues that his article maybe the one that can change your trading around. You need to read the article to know whether he can help you turn yourself from a losing trader to a winning trader. You don’t lose anything in reading these articles as this eMagazine is free to read. Did you read the article on how I made 417 pips in just 1 trading day. Candlestick patterns are important trend reversal and trend continuation signals. You can read this article on how I trade my favorite candlestick pattern.

You might be wondering why the markets keep on changing and why something that worked in the past doesn’t work any more. You see markets are just people buying and selling. Price is just a reflection of what the people are thinking about a particular asset. When people think asset is valuable you will see its price climbing up and when people think an asset is not valuable you will see price falling down. It is as simple as that. The point that we need to drive home is that there is a feedback loop. People are buying and selling and at the same time using a feedback loop in their minds to change their decisions. This is the reason why markets change. The thing that works when becomes known to everyone it becomes useless because everyone can anticipate it.