Hidden Money Levels Trading System & Report FREE Download

Toshko Raychev is giving away his Hidden Money Levels System & Report FREE. There are hidden levels in the market that are very profitable. The irony is most traders cant see those hidden levels and simply miss them in their trading. Download this Hidden Money Levels Trading System template, indicators and 11 page PDF Report FREE. In this 11 page PDF, Toshko Raychev explains how to find these hidden money levels in the market. Hidden Money Levels System is a trend trading system that is based on a breakout trading strategy. The focus is on ensuring that the trader stays on the right side of the trend and his risk is always minimal. Take a look at the screenshot of this system.

Hidden Money Levels Trading System

In the above screenshot, you see the rules for making a long trade. The indicators that are provided in the zip file will easily paint these hidden levels on your chart. This system uses the following indicators:

1.TMR Level Trend Indicator

2.TMR Major Level Indicator

TMR Level Trend Indicator is a histogram. When a green bar is drawn it means a buy trade and when a red bar is drawn, it means a sell trade. TMR Major Level indicator shows that potential major reversal levels in the market that have been found on the higher timeframes. Read the 11 page PDF that explains this indicators as well the buy/sell rules using these 2 indicators in detail. Below is the screenshot of the sell trade rules.

Hidden Money Levels Trading System

The ultimate thing is forex trading is risk management. Many traders don’t focus on it.Risk management is the most important thing is trading. The second most important thing is Reward to Risk also known as R/R. R/R should be consistent when you make trades. You should have an R/R of at least 2:1. When I trade, I go for an R/R of 5:1. You can read this post that explains how to make 400 pips with a small stop loss something like 10-20 pips. If you can keep the risk low and catch the big moves in the market, you can grow your account exponentially.

You might be wondering who is this Toshko Raychev. Toshko Raychev is the two times winner of the Surefire Trading Challenge. For the last 1-2 years there has been no new Surefire Trading Challenge. Toshko Raychev had made the highest return in one month and had won this championship two times by beating thousands of traders. He.is a real deal so you should take his free trading systems seriously. Just yesterday, he had given his Profit Spring Trading System free. Now you can also download his Hidden Money Levels Trading System free. Don’t think that these systems are free and like most free systems are useless. You should download both these systems and test them on your demo account.

Demo account is the place where you test a new system. Never ever trade with a new trading system, without first testing it thoroughly. Testing means make at least 50-100 trades with these systems. In just 20-30 trades, you will know the actual worth of these two systems. Calculate the average winrate and the average size of win and the average size of the loss.

Toshko Raychev is going to open the doors to his Ultimate Profit Solution Trading System next week. He is giving this Hidden Money Levels Trading System as part of the prelaunch sequence, He will give a few copies of his Ultimate Profit Solution gratis to those traders who leave an outstanding comment on the download page of Hidden Money Levels Trading System. So when you download this Hidden Money Levels Trading System, take some 10-20 minutes to write a good comment. Maybe you get lucky and get a Ultimate Profit Solution scholarship from Toshko Raychev.